massage therapy dubuque ia

Get Rid of Tension and Related Symptoms

We offer massage and trigger point therapy services in Dubuque, IA

If you'd like to loosen up your muscles before your chiropractic treatment, schedule a massage therapy appointment in Dubuque, Iowa. Lettman Chiropractic Rehab provides this service to help ease your tension, improve your circulation and relieve your stress and anxiety. We'll tailor our service to your specific needs so you can experience blessed relief.

Do you want a massage but have issues with being touched? We have zero-gravity intersegmental and traction massage chairs on site. These will help you experience all the benefits of a professional massage without making you feel uncomfortable.

Visit us today for outstanding massage therapy services in Dubuque, Iowa. We can also refer you to a trusted licensed massage therapist upon request.

massage therapy dubuque ia

Pinpoint the source of your pain

Lettman Chiropractic Rehab offers trigger point therapy in Dubuque, Iowa. This treatment involves:

  • Isolating specific pain points on your body
  • Applying pressure to places of great discomfort
  • Having you breathe deeply to enhance the effects
You'll feel better after just one session. With continued treatment, you'll heal from built-up stress and tension naturally.

Call 563-588-9200 now to schedule a trigger point therapy consultation in Dubuque, Iowa.